I've come back (new year's resolution etc)

I have decided to come back to Live Journal and attempt (possibly rather feebly) to write a daily update on here - its useful to read back over the course of the year to see what i have been doing (brain = sieve).
It must have been ages ago since I updated this - I cant be bothered to write a life story on here at the mo lol so will just update daily at the mo and add any bits I want to.
Today is a sunday, although since we have just ended the festive season it still feels like it could be any day of the week. Small celebration that shrimpy is back at school tomorrow (only half days but that 2.5 hours is a lifeline) - think she is missing it and wants to go back, so at least that is  good sign.
Sunday dinner on the menu for today - nothing fancy just a stew and some veggies (going for the 'healthier' option).

Thats all for today, tune in tomorrow for another exciting entry...
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